Common Interior Design Questions

What are your rates?
My services begin with an initial 1 to 1½ hour consultation for $100.  If the client chooses to proceed, we negotiate a retainer based on the scope of the project, and a written quote is developed before any work begins.  Invoices, supported by thorough documentation, are submitted monthly and/or at the end of the job. Upon completion, full payment is expected in cash or check. Under some circumstances, alternative payment methods can be arranged.

My hourly charge for work directly impacting a project is $75; travel time and expenses are billed at $30 per hour.

In return, clients can expect clear direction, timely work, trade discounts on many supplies, and a finished design suited to their particular tastes and needs.

How much will it cost?
Cost depends on my level of involvement.

When meeting a client, we first discuss design objectives and what outside help the client requires.

My role in a project is infinitely flexible. For instance, after I provide clients with floor plans, they sometimes want to shop for materials and contractors themselves, requiring less of my involvement, but more of theirs. The client may even want to do the building, sewing, painting, etc.

At the other end of the spectrum, a client may not only want me to design plans, but also supply the contractors, furnishings, fabrications, and run the whole job as their general contractor.

My fees range from tens of thousands of dollars to $100 for an initial consultation.

Do you have a minimum project size?
Projects can range from a one hour consultation to the cost of designing, renovating, and furnishing an old farm house for a developer who purchased land to subdivide and develop. I always enjoy working with people designing and building new homes or additions, and helping new homeowners decide what project to tackle first. I have even helped clients decide what house to buy, knowing how they wanted the home to function and work once it was fixed up.

Do you work just in the Boyertown area?
I have clients from Boyertown, Reading , Pottstown, Chester County, the Greater Philadelphia area and beyond.

Is there any style of design or decor you like more than others?
The immediate area is conservative as a whole. Therefore most of my portfolio is relatively conservative. I love wood and stone and the natural elements but enjoy perking them up with a little modern glass, chrome, brass, black, modern art and bright colors. Good clean modern lines of some plumbing fixtures and lighting go well with antiques. Lighting does so much for a room. By placing different lights placed in various areas a home creattes spaces that can be used at different time of the day to change the mood and function of the room. Mirrors too are great, as long as one does not catch his or her reflection all the time.

Can you work with new construction projects?
Are you building or remodeling? Call me before you call the contractor. I can suggest many details that a builder can incorporate in your home so that you can hide the TV, seat many more guests than you have chairs for, make you kitchen function at its best, maybe hide the refrigerator, dishwasher, washing machine, and dryer, have room for everybody at Thanksgiving, a place the kids can play while you make dinner, a window for your herbs, extra beds on demand, and light when and where you need it.

What other services can you offer?
Along with interior and exterior design services, I have many industry contacts that afford me the ability to assist you with custom designed cabinets, all types of decorative tiles, custom made pieced and appliqued quilts to match your decor, interesting plumbing and lighting fixtures, sinks, kitchen appliances, collectables, antiques, imported goods, fine carpets at reasonable prices, fabrics, wall coverings, art at all prices, window treatments, flooring old or new, decorative painters, and contractors to do it all.